Dedicated to the American People who take Pride in the country of the USA, and the people who served or are serving. Written Oct 10-25 1991.

The year is five years from now. The United States has been at war in the Middle East. This war is different from all other wars. No one was drafted. Whoever served had enlisted in the Armed Forces. The whole Mission was top secret. Nothing was known of what was happening to the people serving. The servicemen were instructed not to tell anyone of their whereabouts or what was going on. The Red Cross could not even comment on the death toll or the injuries on either side that was fighting. The Commander in Chief would only state that our forces were doing the best that they could do. The war dragged on and on for some time.

Back on the mainland, the citizens were becoming increasingly concerned about their loved ones each day. People were also beginning to loose hope. They thought that the US was being unfair to them. They thought they had the right to know what was going on. After all; it was their taxes that were paying for the war. They thought the sun Benjamin Franklin had seen was setting and not rising. They were afraid of what was going to happen.

This story is about one of the many people who refused to give up hope that one day he would be reunited with his loved one named Faith. The couple had been together for two years before Faith had decided to enlist in the army for help with college. Gene was getting ready to finish high school at the time. If he only knew that because Faith had enlisted, one year later she would be off in the Middle East preparing for man to man combat.

Faith kept him informed of what was going on until the military forbade it. Half a year had passed since Gene had last heard form Faith. All of his buddies kept telling him to forget about Faith. "There are plenty more fish in the sea, they told him. He refused to give up. Every day he checked his mailbox with renewed hope that he would hear form his loved one. Yet, he was disappointed each time. Through it all, he kept telling other people not to give up hope. Sooner or later the government had to let them know what was going on. One year passed; still no news from Faith or the government.

The first of the wounded was sent home at this time. They were under oath not to tell anyone what was going on across the seas. More disappointment, but Gene still refused to give up. He knew that Faith was strong, and would do her best at whatever she was doing. He felt so proud of her. Another six months passed. The new list of causalities is given, but the names are withheld. Time kept passing.

Now, two years have passed. It is time for the presidential election. The Twenty-second amendment is overruled. The president can now serve for a third term. He is only reelected because the American people feel it is unwise to bring in a new president during a war that has dragged on for two years now. The president swears to the people that he is doing the best he can to get the troops home "where they belong". Six more months pass and the country is in turmoil. The president and the vice president are both assassinated. A new face is in power. Her name is Charity. She is anti-war. The county seems to be at inner peace for a while. Six more months pass. No word from our troops.

Three years the war has dragged on. Gene is still hopeful about Faith. The county is doing pretty well under the leadership of Charity. Together with her Vice President, understanding, they are both regaining control of the government again. They have told the military that they have three months to finish what they are doing, or be exposed to the citizens of the United States.

The country is once again thrown into turmoil. Charity and understanding leadership has been rejected by the Congress. There is no such thing as the Supreme Court anymore. The United States has entered an era of military control. The people are angry but cannot strike back. Children in school talk of the good old days back when their parents belonged to a democracy.

Four years into the war and Gene still hasn't given up hope. He waits for the day when the US will be back to itself old again. He meets with other people. Together, they help keep each other's hopes up. One day Gene receives an anonymous note. It reads: Save the original copies of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence if you ever want to see the US restored. Gene reacts immediately. His friends and him successfully steal the articles and put them in a safe place. Gene feels that someone is on their side.

Two more years pass. Charity and Understanding regain power. The US is once again at inner peace. Congress has all new members. All old members were impeached and held in prison for being unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is reinstated. Gene and his friends present the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Charity gracefully accepts the articles and awards the men with medals of distinction.

Six months later, peace is declared. The war is over. The troops are all coming home. Gene waits for three months. Faith does not come home nor does he receive any word from her. Both sides declare they have released all prisoners of war. One year passes, and Faith is officially declared Missing in Action.

Four years have now passed since the war has ended. The United States is back to its old self again. People are getting back to normal every day life. The military has lost some of its popularity. A lot of reformations have taken place. Charity and Understanding step down from office. The government honors them and hosts a gigantic goodbye party. They will not be forgotten.

Nine years and eight months have passed since Gene last heard from Faith. He once again makes the vow the he will never love another like he loved Faith. He goes on with his life. He does not forget Faith he just tries to keep the painful memories out of his mind and heart.

It was now ten years since contact had been lost between Gene and Faith. Gene's cousin, Jeremy, also one of Faith's friends, has gotten engaged to a girl named Knowledge. Gene was sad but he manages to hold his composure very well.

One Monday evening, Jeremy's parents receive a call from a person who delivered a personal message from one of Jeremy's friends. The person refused to give the other person's identity. He told them to tell Jeremy, Knowledge and Gene to be at the house. At seven o'clock that evening they were to be picked up and taken out to dinner. Gene was confused because he wasn't asked to bring a date. He only consented because Jeremy told him it would be good for him.

At seven o'clock precisely, a white limousine bearing the US flag and Army's insigne pulled into the driveway at Jeremy's parents house. The chauffer came to the door. He told them that their hostess was waiting for them inside the limo. As soon as the limo's doors opened, the National Anthem could be heard. Gene quickly pulled the chauffer aside and asked him to turn off the song. He explained the song had too many memories for him. It had been Faith's favorite song. He was told politely to get in the car.

Gene quickly got into the limo. He just sat down and stared out the window. He was sure something bad was going to happen. He heard a soft feminize voice crying. He looked to his left and saw a women dressed in a uniform. He felt for sure she was going to tell him of Faith's death. Then he caught a glimpse of her name plate. The only two letters he could make out where an I and a t. He said a quick prayer. He turned all the way around. The name read General Faith Anderson. It was his Faith. She had returned just as she had promised ten years earlier. They both embraced and started crying together. There relationship was rekindled.

In a grand ceremony General Faith Anderson became the wife of Gene Renolds. The Army saluted the newlyweds walking under the blades of the troops raised sabers. The Couple walked out of the chapel with love clearly showing in their eyes.

Faith retired for the army ten years later. She had served her country to her fullest capability. Gene started his own business. The couple was one in love and spirit. They would never be separated again.

Faith and Gene proudly became the parents of three children whom they name: Wisdom, Patience, and Freedom. The children grow to become leaders in the nation. The family was never forgotten by the American People.

Faith and Gene were tragically killed in an airplane crash. Flags were flown at half mast through out the country. They were buried together in Washington DC. As their will read, one part was directed to the citizens of the United States. It read, "Fellow Citizens of the United States. We have been through a lot in the past fifty or so years. If you can only remember one thing just remember that during a war have the following virtues: Faith, Charity, Understanding, Patience, Wisdom, Knowledge, yearning for Freedom and most importantly believe in your troops and support them the best you can. We will all die someday but the country of the United States must live on."

A statue of five people holding the American flag was placed in Washington DC for the memorial of Gene and Faith. The inscription read: "The young at heart will carry on our flag forever. Truly the future of this our country rests in the minds and hearts of its citizens.

This story is not meant to be taken literally. This story has a deeper meaning. Even though none of this has taken place in the order I have written, there are people out there who have gone through similar situations. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES must act so that we never get involved in a war that could cost us our way of life as we know it now. We cannot afford to loose this county and what it stands for--Freedom and Hope. Right now is the time to act. Support your country in the time of peace, so that maybe we will not have to go through a war that could cost us our country.

BY: Angela 

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