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The Unknown Soldier
          The Unknown Soldier by Linda Begley

by Linda Begley
I'm so honored to present this poem ~
The Unknown Soldier 

Following are two stories written by a very talented young lady, Angela Noack, who I am honored to call my "FRIEND."   She has many wonderful talents, writing is just one of them.  Best of all is her ability to love her children, her husband, her friends and her country.
Thank you very much, Angela!  You always make me smile!
                                                     by Angela Noack
         Thanks to "Wayner" for the graphic

First:  A  letter written by David Amaya to his father.  
A true Hero to me and obviously a wonderful father to Dave.
Second:  An essay that says what a lot of us are saying these days.
And third: Photos that make us remember there are still POW/MIA's unaccounted for.
These letters& pictures mean a lot to me; they were written by a young man with outstanding values.
Thank you Dave

by David Amaya

A Son's Tribute to His Father Hero


An Air Force Poem

An Air Force Poem written by:
Canadian Air Force pilot John Gillespie Magee Jr.

A Marne

A letter from a Marine to his father
"A Marine" 



Magic Potion
         A song of Tribute to the WTC
Brian Barham



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