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Those We Left Behind

Why were they Left Behind?   
A disturbing excerpt about leaving our men behind in battle.
By Joseph D. Douglass Jr. 
He Gave His All
         He Gave His All, by Buddy McPeters
by: Buddy McPeters
This poem was donated by a very talented poet / songwriter / musician.
Thank you Buddy with all my Heart.
You're not only my husband but you're alos my best friend.
A Tribute to Veterans
          A Tribute to Veterans, James Calow
by: James Calow
James has graciously allowed me to print the words of his song here
"Final Inspection"
Originally contributed by: Daniel DeBruhl

by: Joshua Helterbran 
Thanks to Joshua's Mother we know who wrote this beautiful poem

Prints available at: www.gildedquill.com
The Gilded Quill

Sunshine and Music

contributed by: Michelle Baker

This poem is donated by a young lady that is very special.  I hope you take a minute and read her contribution to this page.  Michelle, thank you very much.

soldier.jpg (65174 bytes)

by George L. Skypeck
This poem is graciously donated by Dan Goslin.

Dan, Thank You for your kind generosity.

These two poems were generously contributed by Angela Canon.  They touched me very deeply.  Angela, we may not be blood, but we are Sisters that share a common bond of sorrow.  Our friendship only deepens with time; it can never be cut.  And we will NEVER forget!             "TILL THEY ALL COME HOME!"

by Angela Canon

A War Bride
         War Bride, by Angela Canon
           Forgotten, A poem by Angela Canon
Bring it on John
          By Oliver North
On Wings of Eagles
A quote by Patrick Henry and words from "We Were Soldiers"





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