The Unknown Soldier

By: Linda Begley

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Betty Jean Robinson


There's a tomb in Washington D.C.
Where lies the body of a soldier
That represents all the unknown to be
Soldiers that died without an identity
God bless the red, white, and blue
" America" the definition means " loveable"
God chose our nation to represent you
To have a heart full of love ,giving and true
This soldier along with many more
Have fought for our freedom
From overseas,on land,air and distant shores
What more can a man give to restore
Keeping us safe from enemy at hand
They gave their lives to preserve our land
A nation now that many have turned from God
Prayers and 10 commandments they now trod
A soldier on shift now marches to and fro
Taking an oath to live a clean life and uphold
In all weather,through rain,sleet or snow
This tomb is guarded to honor all the unknown
" Known only by God "
Dear precious lives were taken
Chosen by a spray of white roses laid on a coffin
You represent all the unknown to never be forgotten

copyright July 4th ,2005
By; Linda Begley 

Meet Linda Begley

Hello...My name is Linda Begley aka poeticmama.
Author of "The Unknown Soldier" and many more poems.  

I live in Indiana and I am married and have 4 grown sons and 6 grandchildren and 3 step grandchildren.  I was inspired after the death of my Mama in 1988 to write poetry.  It seems like it just started flowing thru me and in fact I do believe my very first poem was given to me through her spirit.  I was sleeping and was awaken with the words flooding that when writing this poem it didn't even look like my hand writing.  I give God the Glory in all I do though.  He is my Lord that helps me through all things.  I love people and feel so blessed to have met so many precious ones via the internet.  

I have a passion to write poetry and a burden for souls that don't know Jesus as their Savior.  I pray for peace and that someday hopefully soon there will be no more Wars.  

God bless our soldiers past and present and may Peace and Love reign through prayers of believers.

Thank-you for taking time to read my poetry.  I have several sites and share my poetry with others, I'm adding 2 of my links here along with the link to my guestbook, there has been problems recently of it not going through.  I always welcome a new heart print there though.