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Mike Pruitt on behalf of Jimmy  
Sanfernando Valley Los Angeles
8-28-2011 13:47 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Thanx for alowing me to sign your Guest book.My name is Mike, i do this on behalf of my father Jimmy Dean Pruitt, he
was in the Army in Vietnam, fro Dec65 to Dec66, his unit "2ND/20TH Artillery 1st Cav
airmobile....In 1993 he committed suicide
PTSD and alcoholism, a terrible combo, got the best of him. Today, i have the courage
and strength to deal with my Fathers death
by researching the Vietnam War, and what really caused my Fathers demise.I have a
"tribute" of sorts on Face Book, please visit it, its a work in progress and plan to build a website. It will be for ALL vets really, but the Vietnam Vet is dear to my heart of hearts.....Thanx to all, and a BIG WELCOME HOME HUG TO ALL Vietnam Vets!!!....Mike, son of a Vietnam Vet and FREAKIN PROUD!!!....
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