In a forgotten land I sit,
cold, and all alone.
My tears have gone away
but I still dream of home.

My jailers change with time
their faces come and go
nothing here is certain
and death is status quo

Many friends came here with me
in nineteen sixty nine
and we're prisoners in this jungle
here for all this time

I was caught at Cu Chi
the firebase where I fought
Billy came from Da Nang
his freedom can't be bought

Jason came from An Lak
his plane had been shot down
Lenny came from Saigon
his battalion had all gone down

A squid, a seal, a jarhead
a marine without his blue
we're prisoners over here
forgotten all, by you

We get to watch TV
and we see the world today
we know that you don't care
we just sit and hope and pray

But will you do this favor?
for those you think you lost?
would you fight until you know?
no matter what the cost?

For In '89 we saw you
you came with the ministry
your eyes held mine and I knew
the truth you saw in me

You knew that they were lying
when they told you that we stayed
but to take the truth away
their little game you played

And every night I pray
although it's been ten years
oh God do not forget us
save us from our fears

Angela M. Canon
 29 January 2001