By: Sgt. James L. Armstrong | Date: May 27, 2013 |Sgt. James L. Armstrong
I have served in the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery in the Republic of Korea, Germany, and the United States. I am currently a Detention Officer with 10.5 years of service in both adult and juvenile detention. I first read your poem in the Raton Range News Paper about two years ago and it had me in tears. I do understand how soldiers are never wanted until someone needs protection. The same is true for law enforcement, detention, and corrections officers. I can only pray that when I stand my final inspection that my good out weighs my bad, but no matter the out come I will always have faith in my Heavenly Father. I have been looking for a copy of the poem ever since I first read it. Now , with your knowledge, I will print both parts so that I can frame them and hange them on my wall for all to see and read. Thank you for the help you did not know that you gave me.
By: Bronnie Rasmussen | Date: Apr 28, 2013 |Bronnie Rasmussen
i am very moved by this poem as my grandfather served in Vietnam, i am an Australian and am proud of my country and all the others that sent their people to fight in all wars and i am thankful for the men and women who gave their lives so that i could live the way i do today. lest we forget
I want to say thank you to Johnny a very special person to our family who lost his life in Vietnam,thank you to my dad Charles is is a Carlson Raider who I am still lucky enough to have with me at the age of 88 years,thank you to my brother Frank who served in Vietnam and to all of the men and women who served,still serve and the ones who will serve in the future GOD BLESS you all and GOD BLESS AMERICA.
By: Dennis N. Perkins | Date: Apr 12, 2013 |Dennis N. Perkins
Even when we ignored Him, even when we spoke "tough" because things were "rough", He kept us safe from our enemies and our folly. He accepted our sacrifice and our fears and didn't judge us for our words but for our deeds! When we step forward, accepting our fate and putting it in His hands, for His no longer mattered whether we lived or died, our effort will bless this land, these folk, and the world we lived in for generations to come. He will judge our effort, our hearts, lives...

Rejoice America, that we still have young men and women who, for whatever reason, are willing to serve to bleed and die for this country that God ordained to be an example for the world.

Dennis Perkins
SFC, USA Infantry (retired)

"Charlie Mike"
By: Annie Moudry | Date: Apr 6, 2013 |Annie Moudry
We salute all you sons of Thunder & we have your back. Thank you for your service from a grateful family & a grateful nation.
By: Matthew Starbuck | Date: Mar 3, 2013 |Matthew Starbuck
After reading this poem I think it would be nice to have on all Vets graves Thank you for severing
By: pat swanson | Date: Feb 15, 2013 |pat swanson
i came across your poem used in an obituary of a 28 yr. air force veteran in our town and it touched home as my dad is a 30 yr. retired master sargent army verteran of wwII, korea and vietnam. we to were stationed at fort benning, but that was from 1958-1964. i printed off a copy so i can carry it with me and share it with others.
By: ALAN ANGEL | Date: Feb 14, 2013 |ALAN ANGEL
I'm one of those old Korean Vet's, and I will say that this poem is outstanding, and I would like to have this read at my passing when that time arrives. Being in uniform most of my life, this final Inspection really mean a great deal to me. Between Taps and this poem it will make me feel really at rest.
By: jan browning | Date: Jan 30, 2013 |jan browning
i had a copy of this many years ago when I, too, was a soldier. I am so glad to find it again. My Grandson is now, too, a soldier. Thank you so much....
By: Martin Shanahan (ireland) | Date: Jan 28, 2013 |Martin Shanahan (ireland)
I have finally found my thoughts in a poem, top class, many thanks.
By: James Thompson | Date: Jan 8, 2013 |James Thompson
That is one great man and one great poem
By: timmie peskuric | Date: Nov 19, 2012 |timmie peskuric
Hello! My brother, Rick (Vietnam veteran), forwarded your "Final Inspection" poem to me and I was so touched by it that I decided to use it as a gift to my husband, who also served in Vietnam. I encased the flag that draped his father's coffin (WW11 vet) and in a large frame, I centered the poem on parchment paper, and put my husband's Air Force photo on one side, and his father's WW11 photo on the other side, along with his medals and military patches underneath...thank you for the wonderful touching poem! Sincerely, Timmie Peskuric
By: Yvonne M Paul | Date: Nov 17, 2012 |Yvonne M Paul
In memory of my brother Cpl Raymond A Anderson - United States Marines who passed November 14, 2012 from Pancreatic Cancer. He brought joy and laughter to our lives and will never be forgotten. Love you RayRay xox
By: Donald J Stabley | Date: Nov 10, 2012 |Donald J Stabley
I want to say that I thank GOD for the men and women who protect our country. Our freedom was purchased by Soldier's like you . Jesus payed the price for our salvation by his death, American soldier's paid for our Freedom with the willingness to lay down their lives for our country. Thank You May GOD continue to bless America
By: Ken McCormick | Date: Oct 26, 2012 |Ken McCormick
Bravo my brother.
Never went to the Nam, but served 4 years during the war.
Like everyone else, I would have gone if I had orders but they never came. Feel like I let you down.
GOD Bless
By: Derek Armstrong (Northern Ireland) | Date: Oct 24, 2012 |Derek Armstrong (Northern Ireland)
Having read this poem ; i though it was/is awesome.What it proves is that the men and women that guard our country are human beings with big hearts and a good moral code.
By: M/Sgt Michael P Lepsis | Date: Oct 19, 2012 |M/Sgt Michael P Lepsis
This poem is so hard felt that I cried. I don't know how many men I trained died in Vietnam. I trained both Prime Beef and Red Horse personal. I hpe God lets me in and pray he lets all of nus in that served, I loved the poem and God bless the mabn who wrote it
By: David B. Akers | Date: Oct 10, 2012 |David B. Akers
I found this site today when I was looking for a poem by George L. Skypeck..A Soldier. I read it first one day when I was Station in Korea and I bought it for my dad as a Christmas present (He was a Korean War Veteran). We both loved it, but it was lost in a move and was never found. I lost dad shortly after. I had my father on my mind today and I was determained to find this poem for both of us. I am very happy now, I found it. Our family has served proudly in the military, mostly army grunts dateing back to the Civil War and I am sure even more. I retired in 1995 as a First Sergeant. I served over seas and I have fought a few battles myself, but that's not important. Thank You for allowing me to share a private part of my life with you.
By: William Naney | Date: Sep 16, 2012 |William Naney
Thank you for this poem. For over 20 years I have served and my fear has been to stand in front of God in my dress greens jump boots and berrett and have him tell me" depart from me I never knew you" maybe this is the fear of many and you put it into perspective. Thanks,Brother. GOD bless you. I share this when I train resilience.
By: Daniel Julian | Date: Aug 31, 2012 |Daniel Julian
I come from a long line of military men dating all the way back to the continental army, one of my ancesters was even one of Rogers Raiders for those of you who know what those are hooaah!!! and as current as Kosavo so I found it only natural to follow in those foot steps and became a RANGER as well., going down range a total of 7 times I have seen my fair share of death,heart ache,and tears shed,and shed a few of those my self.I guess the point of all this is that there is some serious talk about bringing us all home I know we all want to see our family none more than the next however if we leave this GOD forsaken part of the world with- out completeing our mission then THEY WIN they will see this as a retreat on our part, and a victory on theirs and everything that we have done there will be for not all the brothers and sisters that have passed,loved ones that are still hurting and all the tears that we have all shed will be for NOTHING and I for one can't go to one of my soldiers family and tell them that their child,sibling,father/mother has died for no reason


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