By: SSgt Kregory Scott | Date: Apr 14, 2015 |SSgt Kregory Scott
I hope the Lord. My savior will be like that to me.
By: Robert Paquet | Date: Mar 31, 2015 |Robert Paquet
Thank you. I shared your website on my facebook. Pray for our Nation.
By: Margarita Cordero | Date: Mar 30, 2015 |Margarita Cordero
Your poem says it all. All the suffering and pain service people face. Thank you for writing it and for serving all us. May yiu get home soon. Hugs.
By: Erven Priest | Date: Mar 23, 2015 |Erven Priest
Served in Vietnam 68-69. First 4 months I was at Kontum with the 219th Headhunters. I was transferred to the 203 Hawkeyes at Lz English. I left Nam Feb 16 1969. It was a hell of an experience. Welcome Home Brother.
By: Ross Boger SFC Retired US Army | Date: Dec 12, 2014 |Ross Boger SFC Retired US Army
great poem, see ya in heaven brother.
"Follow Me"
By: Frank J. Montoya | Date: Nov 16, 2014 |Frank J. Montoya
(In Memory of 9-11)
With outrage, shock and disbelief,
We have felt the thrust of the coward’s blow.
We have seen it, but cannot comprehend
How our fellow man could stoop so low.
A sneak attack by a nefarious foe,
Who took innocent lives by a vicious deed;
Who had no regard for human life;
Who was willing to die for his cause, his creed.
We have buckled and staggered, racked with pain;
In our hearts we feel the sadness grow.
We have been stricken, and our wounds are deep;
How many thousands lost?... will we ever know?
We have felt the rage surge in our breast,
And we will find the means to retaliate.
We will put an end to the terror caused
By those whose hearts are so full of hate.
Yes, we hurt, and we cry, for loved ones lost,
As we suffer through these trying times,
But Liberty’s Light will not be dimmed,
By those who commit such loathsome crimes.
Listen, World, do you hear our voice?
United we speak out... clear and loud.
America’s Spirit and Resolve will forever be:
Strong and proud... unbroken... and unbowed.
Frank J. Montoya, US Army Retired. Poet Laureate, City of Fountain, Colorado
(Written 9/13/2001)
By: Michael H Ballard | Date: Nov 11, 2014 |Michael H Ballard
THank you for sharing this.
Lest we forget.
By: Nell Evans | Date: Nov 10, 2014 |Nell Evans
I was reading a novel earlier this week and this poem was in there giving the author credit. I was so touched. My grandfather served in WWI and my dad in WWII. I am going to post it tomorrow on Veteran's Day. It says so much. I grandson served in Iraq for a couple of years. He now works for the VA. Each time I hear of the loss of one of our service personal it makes me weep even though I may not know them. Just thinking of the those who served this country and gave to us the best free country in the world touches me. God Bless you and the USA
By: Peter Mohyla | Date: Nov 8, 2014 |Peter Mohyla
I am a Canadian who served many years ago and never saw action. I have nothing but the deepest and highest respect who have served and and are serving. The poem brought tears to my eyes . I lost friends in Vietnam.

God bless you you all. Please stay safe and strong! Thank you for serving.
By: Arfon Williams Ex Sgt UK Forces | Date: Nov 6, 2014 |Arfon Williams Ex Sgt UK Forces
Thank you for this poem, it could be used for all Forces world wide, a Solider is a soldier, if you are in uniform and serving your Country, you are keeping the Peace and Freedom for all. to all our Comrades and Veterans GOD KEEP YOU IN HIS SAFE HANDS.
Arfon Williams ex-Sgt 30yrs service UK Forces
By: Tony O | Date: Nov 3, 2014 |Tony O
Dear Sgt Helterbran,
I would like your permission to print this amazing poem and place on my shop window in preparation for remembrance Sunday in the UK.
Wishing you and your family well in your endeavours.

Kind Regards
By: Donna Williams | Date: Sep 8, 2014 |Donna Williams
I love this picture with God's hands. May I print this picture of God/s hands ??

Yes, you may, Webmaster
By: MSgt. Robert M. Johnson Jr USMC Ret. | Date: Aug 19, 2014 |MSgt. Robert M. Johnson Jr USMC Ret.
Someone sent me your poem years ago and I kept it this many years. I friend of mine passed last month and i want to send it to his daughter. I also plan to read it at my church. Each time i read it tears come to my eyes and this big lump forms in my throat. I want to thank your mother for such a wonderful son and you for the poem.
By: David Blee | Date: Jun 9, 2014 |David Blee
Truly a wonderful poem of sentiment and a comfort to all those who have lost their soldier in conflict or in peace
By: John Molloy | Date: May 27, 2014 |John Molloy
Dear Professor Douglas,
Your efforts to enlighten the ignorant about the fate of American prisoners of war and missing in action and
the intrigues of the communists and members of our own government to undermine our nation are certainly proof
of the might of the pen to those who would read and engage. Our nation has been fortunate to be gifted with those
who, like you, have endeavored to educate at provide the truth, despite the powers of our adversaries.
May you have comfort in eternal peace and know that you are mourned by those who have understood and appreciated your
tremendous efforts.
Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord.
By: William Lewis Jr | Date: Mar 22, 2014 |William Lewis Jr
Thank you for the poem. But most of all, Thank You and the rest of the United States Military for your service and protection. You all are true heroes. GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL OF OUR MILITARY!
By: Bill Winters | Date: Mar 7, 2014 |Bill Winters
Thank you for your service. R.I.P. brother. We were only hundreds of feet away from one another that dreadful night.
By: Lynda Davison | Date: Feb 13, 2014 |Lynda Davison
Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute to our nations finest. I'm so proud of all our military and their families. I was brought us as an Air Force brat and having this kind of background makes me so much more aware of what our military and their loved ones go through.
I lost friends during the Viet Nam war and saw a few of them come home with PTSD. I also have a son who was and A10 driver during Desert Shield and two tours of Afghanistan. He is now home safe and serving in the AF reserves. We are a so thankful for each one of you. I pray for our soldiers every day and will continue to do so. God Bless You for writing this and God Please Bless America! Lynda Davison
By: Heather | Date: Feb 10, 2014 |Heather
I am proposing this poem for my father to use at his funeral. He spent 20 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and more time in the Militia. If he decides to use this poem, I will ensure that Sgt. Joshua Helterbran gets credit as the writer of this lovely tribute to the men and women who have served to protect our freedoms.
By: Kelly Johnson | Date: Jan 9, 2014 |Kelly Johnson
I came upon this poem after seeing that it was read at a homeless veteran's funeral in Kansas. My dad is a Vietnam Veteran, and I can promise you, this poem will be saved and be read at his funeral one day! I dread that day to ever come, but it speaks so many truths. Thank you for your words of honesty, and THANK YOU for serving our country! I don't know that I have read a better poem before! God Bless you, sir!

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