By: Kammy Gilmore | Date: Sep 6, 2011 |Kammy Gilmore
These poems were amazing. Thank you for your service.
By: Fred Dillman | Date: Sep 6, 2011 |Fred Dillman
Loved the poem thanks
By: Julie Myer | Date: Sep 6, 2011 |Julie Myer
I am so moved by this poem. I have two children who are Soldiers. One daughter who is doing Basic at Ft. Sill, OK and a son who is presently in Korea. I have never in my life felt such pride as I have being the Mother of two US Soldiers, now I know pride isn't a good thing if used in the wrong "text", but the pride you have in your Children, is the kind I think God would be proud of.
By: Kimberly Boerstler | Date: Sep 6, 2011 |Kimberly Boerstler
Beautiful. beautiful piece you have written! Thank you for your service, and thank you (and all other military personnel) for your sacrifice and willingness to fight for my freedoms, as well as the rest of the population of America. I just traveled through Ft. Sill/ Lawton area making my way back home to TX, and each future time that I pass through, I'll think of you and send wishes on your recuperation! Once again, thank you and God Bless!
By: Chardell | Date: Sep 6, 2011 |Chardell
Your Poem is beautiful. It just means so much to me because I have family and friends in my life that have served in the military. I pray for all the soldiers that have come back and for the families who still have soldiers that are serving. I also pray for the families who have lost their loved ones . God Bless everyone
By: barbara swartout | Date: Sep 6, 2011 |barbara swartout
the poem was beautiful,my two brothers are there now.every time i see a soldier i go out of my way to tell them im proud and thank you for protecting all of doesnt cost a thing to let them know we havent forgotten the things they gave up for us.God bless you and all of your fellow soldiers,Im proud to be an American.
By: Beti | Date: Aug 28, 2011 |Beti
Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) Comment Book for Veterans Tribute. This book allows me to view all new entries before they are published. I had to resort to this because of really weird people that have nothing better to do with their time than go around and make stupid or disgusting entries in peoples guest books.

You can view the other book in Archived book 1 - the entries are still there, they mean too much to all of us not to keep them.

Remember GOD loves you, JESUS died for you and wants you to know HIM as your personal Savior!
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