Thankyou for writing this truly beautiful poem. We had this poem read out at my dear dad's funeral recently, he was a veteran serving many years in the UK army including the SAS. My dad had this poem amongst his personal papers as he obviously connected with the words. Once again thankyou for putting pen to paper so wonderfully.
By: chris parkhouse | Date: Nov 10, 2011 |chris parkhouse
dear sgt Joshua,
Thank you for putting into words the thoughts of generations of service people throughout the world. Please keep writing.
By: Beti | Date: Nov 9, 2011 |Beti
It's going to be Veterans Day soon. I just want to say THANK YOU and GOD BLESS to all our Veterans and those still serving. May you all know that there are so many people wishing you well and being so very grateful for you dedication, sacrifice and patriotism. We speak English because of you! ♥

By: John Parsons Nantwich Town Crier England | Date: Nov 9, 2011 |John Parsons Nantwich Town Crier England
Many thanks for sharing this very emotional and moving poem.I intend to read it on remembrance Sunday here in my town at the poppy wreath laying ceremony.
Thank you.
John Parsons F. L.C.T.C. HKt B,
By: Dawne Barrett | Date: Nov 9, 2011 |Dawne Barrett
Proud Sister of 3 Soldiers!! Thank you for your sacrifice to all our service men and women!!
By: Barbara Tanney, U. S. Army (retired) | Date: Nov 9, 2011 |Barbara Tanney, U. S. Army (retired)
This poem was sent to me through my email, Part 1 only and "Author Unknown." Yes, I passed it on as is. Later, I was reading it again and couldn't believe no one knew the Author, so I "Googled" it and here I am. I sent the original with Part 1 & 2 and the Author Joshua Helterbran to everyone I sent it to originally, plus the person who sent it to me. I was so impressed with the poem, I want to read it in it's entirety on Veterans Day. Hope you don't mind. Thank you.
By: Stephen Racz | Date: Nov 8, 2011 |Stephen Racz
I read this moving poem in church this past Sunday as we gathered to honor our veterans. I could hardly get through it but when I was done there were not many dry eyes in the congregation...An awesome reminder of our awesone defenders of our freedom.
By: Bill West | Date: Nov 8, 2011 |Bill West
I created this video tribute to honor some of our brave American troops.
Bill in NC
By: Linda Moyer | Date: Nov 3, 2011 |Linda Moyer
This poem is so personal to me and it is such a true feeling of our soldiers. My son is in Afghanistan right now and my heart is heavy for him. Love to all our soldiers and their families who sacrifice also.
By: Jenifer Mcdonald | Date: Oct 21, 2011 |Jenifer Mcdonald
My father, who served in Vietnam, has asked that I read your beautiful poem at his funeral. When I read it after he gave it to me, I cried because it described my father so well. I hope I still have many years left with my father. I just wanted to thank you for putting into words things he is not quite able to say himself.
By: shelby sheppard | Date: Oct 18, 2011 |shelby sheppard
What a wonderful and touching poem! I have never served for our country, but do my best to support the brave and wonderful people that do. I pray that when I see my lord on judgement day, I can humbly say I served him well and I too will have served my time in hell and will be welcomed into heaven. Gods bless you and all our troops!
By: Carolyn Huffman | Date: Oct 17, 2011 |Carolyn Huffman
What a wonderful poem and your mother must be so proud to have a son like you. From a former Fairfielder whose late husband served in the Army from 1952-1954 and he was always proud that he had served his country. May God Bless You.
By: Madge Schmitter | Date: Oct 13, 2011 |Madge Schmitter
Doug and I are and always will be so very proud of you .
Love ,
Uncle Doug and Aunt Madge
By: Cindy Moultrie | Date: Oct 4, 2011 |Cindy Moultrie
My dad was a USN SEAL and pass away mu husband was special Ops in Vietnam, and I am Auxilary member of American Legion for also 20 years now I would love to put on a lot of this on my Facebook page, I wanted to also put " The Final Inpection" up on my profile page! Thank you
By: Art | Date: Sep 26, 2011 |Art
I'm not an american. I'm a Chilean Army LTC (retired) As you I also served my country and I had the honor to be part of the 8th Special Forces Group (US) for a year. Now, from a brother in arms to other, congratulations for all you wrote. Your words are the words of all men and women that serve their own countries for freedom. Only those we served and our families know what it means. I salute you my brother in arms.
By: Ex OldBill | Date: Sep 16, 2011 |Ex OldBill
I'm not an American, I'm a retired 32 year British Cop. It makes me proud that we have allies and friends like this. May your God take care of you, and all servicemen of all countries fighting the "implacable foe".

Thank you
By: John A Webb | Date: Sep 10, 2011 |John A Webb
I have always drawn strength from these words. From Basic Training to Retirement and now beyond. They are so true...and thank you for writing them. To all who have sacrificed God Bless You & You're Families...
By: Tad L. Phillips | Date: Sep 7, 2011 |Tad L. Phillips
I really enjoyed this poem. I didn'know t6here was a second verse.
By: Marjorie Tock | Date: Sep 7, 2011 |Marjorie Tock
The love of my life, and fiance for 16 years, just passed away from stomach, lung and panchreatic cancer. He was an Army veteran in good standing. When I saw your poem on "Extreme Makeover:Home Edition", I loved it! It has helped me immensely, to think that it might be my Bill, facing GOD. Thank you for your service.
By: Ashley Pearce | Date: Sep 6, 2011 |Ashley Pearce
I have so much love for my country and the MEN and WOMEN that service this country. I am grateful for the lives that have been lost protecting my freedom and for the right to choose how I want to live. It is never in vain!!!!!!!! Remember GOD (my GOD or your GOD) loves you and protect you. THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO/DONE FOR OUR WONDERFUL COUNTRY. My love and prayers are always w/ you...GOD BLESS YOU AND THE USA :)

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