A Father's Tribute



A tribute to a man known as my father

1967 was the year that a brave young man from a small town left to serve his country. He left behind a mother, father, four brothers, six sisters, and a fiancÚ. That was the day that he was on his way to becoming a man.

Arriving at a place called boot camp in Washington State, that young man gave his all. He quickly made friends with those he would serve with. He earned the respect of his comrades, but most importantly, he earned the respect and gratitude of his commanding officers. And from that point on, his life would change forever.

With God watching over him and those with him, a plane lifted off American soil and landed in a foreign country.  The moment the young man and his comrades walked off the plane, they were immediately bombarded by enemy troops.  That day shall live on in his memory and in the memories of
those who were witnesses. 

For over two years, the young man, and those in his company were engaged in the fiercest of battles. He served on the front lines with the artillery department.  He gave his all from the get go.  He was always proud to do his duty to his God, his country, his comrades, and most importantly, his family. 

In 1969, that young man's tour of duty was over. He was given the chance to go home to his family. After touching down on American soil in over two years, he was greeted tearfully and joyfully by his family and fiancÚ.  He left a young man in 1967, and in 1969 he returned a Man.

That man is known as my father. I am grateful to God for bringing him back to my mother and his family. I have all the respect in the world for him. He is the one of the wisest people I know of. In the hardest of times, he always finds the words and courage to hold me together.  He always takes care of his family, far and near. He cares very much for his wife, children, brothers and sisters.

I know that he endured much pain in Viet Nam when he lost many of his friends in battle. However, he carries their memories in him, and thus they are much alive.  In his own way, he pays tribute to them. 

If I am given the honor and privilege of serving and defending our country, i will do so with all my heart.  I will do my duty and bring honor to my God, and honor to the veterans of this country. My friends have described me as having the heart of a warrior and the soul of a poet. I'm proud to say that I inherited that from my father. He has taught me so much, and is teaching me something new every day.

Written by David Amaya

Webmaster's note: I am privileged to know the author of this wonderful Tribute.  

God Bless you Dave!