In Commemoration September Eleventh

Gather all together
Grasp each other's hands
Bow our heads in prayer
Our link across our Land

Pray for those we honor
For all those lives we lost
September the Eleventh
Our paths in life now crossed

Each one our inspiration
Each name in life we scroll
Within the heart of memories
The bells for them now toll

Patriots now gathered
On earth and up above
Reaching for each other
So tenderly with love

Lord we ask Your blessing
On all who are bereaved
Give them all the courage
Like we have all received

By heroes of our nation
Who left our life that day
Each race and creed and color
Most beautiful display

We shall see the beauty
In freedom's glorious Light
That now shines on forever
With colors that ignite

Remembrance of courage
That gives our Nation pause
Commemorating Patriots
Who died for freedom's cause.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 11, 2002

In commemoration of  Patriot's Day




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