Have you forgotten?

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In Memory New York

In Memory Washington, D.C.

In Memory Pennsylvania

8:45 A.M. - American Airlines Flight 11 crashes into the north World Trade Center tower (1 Tower)
9:03 A.M.
- United Airlines Flight 175 crashes into the south World Trade Center tower (2 Tower).
 9:40 A.M. - American Airlines Flight 77 crashes   into the west side of the Pentagon 10:37 A.M. - United Airlines Flight 93 crashes into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania about 85 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Source for above timeline:
The Patriot Resource


Aftermath The Face of Satan Twin Towers of Light
  In the eyes of a child

Where were you on September 11, 2001? 

What were you doing?  

Do you remember how you felt when you saw the planes hit the buildings?

Do you remember seeing people leaping from those buildings? 

Do you remember the horror, shock and disbelief we all felt?

Do you remember seeing the Towers fall?

Do you remember knowing there were policemen, firemen, innocent people, and rescue dogs still in those buildings when they fell?

Do you remember how you felt when you saw people in other countries dancing for joy in the streets?  

Do you remember our Pentagon in flames?

Do you remember Flight 93?
The passengers  that sacrificed their lives so their plane did not hit its intended target?
"Let's Roll!"

Do you remember? 

September 11, 2001